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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

We're glad you're here! Sean Philip Bridals all started with one person in Princeton, IL. And her name is Zepha.

Where did it start?

As far as most of us could remember, Zepha began this dream by adventuring to so many different bridal boutiques across the Midwest and East Coast. Not every person cares about wedding designers, but she TOTALLY does.

One day, Zepha was stalking wedding dresses again, when someone asked her, "Why don't you open a bridal store if you love it that much?"

And that's how it all began.

Why create a bridal shop in a small town?

Hear us out. While there have been so many encouraging people, we've also encountered our fair share of...discouraging people.

For those who are not familiar with Zepha's backstory, here it is. Many know her from growing up together in Ottawa, IL (yes, that big town up I80). But her life goes further back than that. Zepha is Hmong and was born in Thailand in a refugee camp. After an American family sponsored her family to flee the area, her family started from nothing in Ottawa.

Most Hmong people are now located in states like Minnesota and California. So why stay here in Illinois?

When Zepha's youngest son was born, there were some complications. He was immediately taken after birth to go to OSF in Peoria, IL. Long story short, he had pediatric cancer and eventually lost both kidneys after extensive surgeries and chemotherapy.

While her youngest was about to have a kidney transplant with Zepha's husband, Shawn, in Boston, her other son was diagnosed with leukemia. Her only sons both had pediatric cancer. If you have had to either go through cancer or witness someone going through it, we truly know firsthand the emotions and what your day-to-day life is like.

Everyone's journey is different, but our communities can help us.

That's why we're staying with Princeton. This community has given our family so much, and we want to give back. (Through a businesss?) Yes, through a business! Downtown Princeton is incredibly unique, and we want to help it grow!

What will you find with Sean Philip Bridals?

You'll find yourself transported to a different space when you enter our stores. Zepha is NOT a country kind of gal, which is what makes Sean Philip Bridals unique to the area. The floors were inspired by a Jane Austen novel, because so many of us want a romance that passionate in our lives! You'll find that the historical columns in our space have been kept and preserved.

You can also find bridal accessories, like veils and hair pieces, bridal gowns, tuxedos and suits for sale or rent, flower girl dresses, prom, homecoming, and evening gowns or mother's dresses.

We are proud to offer our own private label. You can totally customize and build your own wedding dress with us, OR purchase a private label dress that you will most likely NOT see anywhere online!

Finally, to give back to those who have helped us, we are proud to say that a percentage of all wedding dress purchases go back to pediatric foundations.


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